Today I was sitting here, trying to decide what was missing in the world of cinema. It was then, by sheer fate and divine intervention, that I came upon news of the next Nicholas Sparks adaptation. While that name might not spark anything in your memory, I'm sure that his novel-turned-cinematic hit, The Notebookdoes. Yes, we're getting another dramatic romance that is sure to make Kleenex sales jump and many-a-boyfriend antsy. That latest to dive in front of the camera is Sparks' most recent novel -- Dear John.

The film will follow a soldier who falls for a sexy, conservative college student while home on leave. They want to get married, but time and distance threaten their commitment. Could they, perchance, be headed towards the infamous "Dear John" letter? Channing Tatum, the beefcake star of Step Up, has signed on to star as the lovesick soldier. Variety sources say that New Line paid high six figures against seven figures for the book, and it also appears that the novelist is a fan of Tatum. New Line's Toby Emmerich: "We talked about the things that were important to Nicholas, and it turns out he is a fan of Channing Tatum." Me, I'm always disappointed with the guy, because every time I hear his name, I think he's the lovechild of Stockard Channing and Tatum O'Neal.
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