It's almost been a year since we first brought word of Francis Ford Coppola's labor of love -- Youth Without Youth. It was quite the project for the big-budget director responsible for films like The Godfather and Apocalpyse Now. Hell, even The Rainmaker had a $40 million budget. However, inspired by Sofia, the director decided to jump into the shallow waters of indie filmmaking and financed the $5 million picture with foreign pre-sales and his winery. With the film wrapped and finished, Coppola screened it for friends last month, and is now looking for distribution. The main contender seems to be the Thetan-hater Tom Cruise.

It's been a long time and much water under the bridge for the pair -- Coppola cast Cruise at the beginning of his career in The Outsiders. Maybe Tom thinks that revisiting his more successful and much less tabloidy past will help his future speed back up. This, however, might be tricky since the film has gotten mixed responses. Unlike his more easily-understood and linear fare, Youth tells the pre-WWII story of a 70-year-old (played by Tim Roth) who gets struck by lightning and immediately becomes younger and brilliant. He then vows to figure out the origin of language and consciousness, which reportedly makes it turn into "an arty Raiders of the Lost Ark." I'm intrigued!
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