Thai director Pen-Ek Ratanaruang has had an interesting life in film. After spending the late 70's and early 80's studying and working in New York, he went back to Bangkok and began to work at the Film Factory. Over a decade later, he wrapped up his debut feature film in 1997, the karaoke mob story Fun Bar Karaoke. Since then, he's had a myriad of nominations and wins at film festivals, including a Don Quixote win in 2000 for crime comedy 6IXTYNIN9and a Golden Bear nomination last year for Invisible Waves, which is about a murdering chef. With that wrapped, indieWIRE has shared news of his latest project, Ploy.

Thailand's Five Star Production is teaming with Fortissimo Films for the new feature which is described as an "erotic film (that) attempts to explore jealousy and its origins in a serious, exotic yet playful way, evaluating the theme by employing three characters and one location." In other words, a threesome movie where some or all of the players get jealous while all of them are, I don't know, living together? Sounds like the Thai version of Greg Araki's Splendor to me. The movie will re-team the director with Lalita Panyopas, who was also in 6IXTYNIN9, and have her starring with Ananda Everingham. There is no word on the third erotic participant. Considering the mobishness and murder of his previous films, I don't think this three-way is going to end with just jealousy.
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