Legendary actor Sean Connery hasn't been seen in multiplexes since the debacle known as The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, but there is one role that might entice the imposing Scot back in front of the cameras: that of James Bond Sr. (Well, that role and a huge paycheck, apparently.) In a British tabloid piece that's been picked up by various sites including Hollywood.com, Mr. Connery talks about why he left the Bond series, what he thinks of the Bond 'gizmos,' and also states that it would take a lot to get him back into the movies, but a plum role in the next 007 adventure might actually do the trick. And of course he expects to be more than handsomely rewarded for such a gig. We have no idea if he was cackling with laughter as he said this, but here's what he apparently said:

"I would never return as James Bond. If the part was well written, I could come back as Bond's father but it would cost them. It would definitely cost them," is what the actor is quoted as saying, thereby proving that ego and hubris are good ways to alienate yourself from casting directors. No disrespect to Sean Connery, obviously, but it's not like the Bond series needs the actor in order to sell tickets. Connery's attitude seems more suited to an LXG sequel (or maybe Return to The Rock). Matter of fact, I think the guy should be willing to lower his asking price for a spot in 'Bond 22.' Seems like he might need the gig a bit more than the series needs him -- unless Connery wants his very last movie to be, well, you know what.

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