The trades (ie: Variety, Hollywood Reporter) and the online outlets often have this odd relationship; it's like they're friends, but not. Remember that girl who would hook up with you back in high school, but then make you promise not to tell anyone? "If anyone asks, you just help me with my math homework, okay?" Yeah, exactly. Each day, the two find a way to co-exist -- we report their movie news (casting, deals, etc...), while they secretly try to come up with ways to adapt to the online culture. But every once in awhile -- whenever a really big rumor hits -- they're forced to acknowledge it ... and the source. And that must make them cringe. "You mean I actually have to write the name You're joking, right? Geez, might as well pour spiders down my throat and call it a day instead." Case in point: Today, Variety decided to address the Superman turnaround rumor that spread like hot cakes yesterday.

For those that missed it, Moviehole reported on an inside scoop they received that claimed Warner Bros. was entertaining the idea of putting the Superman Returns sequel into turnaround in order to use the character in a Justice League movie. It was just a rumor, and every site that reported it said so. However, as Variety points out in their story, real news and rumors often get mixed up. So, here's their chance to be the hero; the folks at Variety have enough contacts, I'm sure they'll spit out seven different quotes from Warner Bros. execs saying the Superman sequel is on and scheduled to start filming next year. You'd think that, right? Well, they spent half a page telling us something we already know -- that Superman won't be leaving the Warner Bros. lot anytime soon. No sh*t, and here I thought we covered this yesterday.

The best part of this whole thing is that other online outlets (like Dark Horizons) are using this Variety story to debunk yesterday's rumors. Now, I've read the thing 20 times, and nowhere inside does the following line appear: "Warner Bros. executives have denied the rumors, claiming the Supes sequel is scheduled to head into production next year." But, ya know -- real news and rumors often get mixed up ...

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