I didn't manage to snap any celebrity photos at SXSW this year, unfortunately. I saw Richard Linklater at the Hell on Wheels screening but he was surrounded by a small crowd. And I didn't go to many parties, because I am a delicate flower who needs at least a little rest during festivals. Despite this, I did capture some interesting images during SXSW.

The photo above is one of my favorite SXSW venues, Alamo Drafthouse on South Lamar, all decked out for opening night. That sign on top of the marquee is actually a slide being projected to a big white screen; I think the original intent was to show movies in that parking lot, but that hasn't yet happened. There were a few times during the festival where I had to fight the urge to duck into another theater at Alamo and veg out to part of Children of Men, Black Snake Moan or Pan's Labyrinth, but I resisted and saw lots of new features and documentaries instead.