When you think about the glitz and glamor of nightlife you probably don't think about the guy who's holding the door. Empire Online reported that the film version of the memoirs of self-defense expert and seasoned doorman Geoff Thompson, titled Watch My Back has been green-lit for production. Iif all goes to plan, the film could be coming to theaters soon. Neil Thompson will be directing the adaptation, titled Clubbed. The story focuses on a burnt out factory employee who is offered a job at a downtown nightspot and is brought into the violent lifestyle of working the door at a club.

The story promises to highlight all the seediness of club life, complete with overdoses and gang wars. They probably won't have to exaggerate many of the details. I can't say this for sure, but considering Thompson became a self-defense expert, I'm guessing he has had a few rough nights over the years. British actor Ray Winstone has already appeared in a BAFTA nominated short film based on Thompson's book, but Colin Salmon has been signed to play the role of the veteran bouncer and Mel Raido will be playing the new guy on the door.
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