Following in the footsteps of the newly announced Naomi Watts flickKicked, Bitten and Scratched, comes word from Variety that Warner Bros. is also looking to throw together a comedy that revolves around those pesky animal trainers. Studio has preemptively picked up an untitled pitch from scribes Mike Lisbe and Nate Reger, who just recently sold their comedy spec Space Invader to Fox Atomic (with Will Arnett attached to star). Both writers will also exec produce the film, which currently has no director or cast signed on.

Story concerns the "world's greatest animal trainer" and the rivalry he shares with his former assistant. (I immediately imagine someone like Ben Stiller or Will Ferrell paired up with a schlub like Jon Heder or Justin Long.) I'm not sure what the big what-to-do is regarding animal trailers; one can only assume that Steve Irwin's death --coupled with the success of TV shows like The Dog Whisperer -- have Hollywood itching for a little big-screen animal fun. However, I feel bad for whoever the director turns out to be -- not only are animals a pain to work with, but depending on how many you use, the pic's budget could skyrocket (see: Evan Almighty). But, there's definitely room for a lot of physical comedy; throw in a cameo from Cesar Millan and you have yourself a winner right there.

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