Is it just me, or did Catherine Zeta-Jones go from smoking hot to soccer mom in the span of, like, one movie? I will forever remember my first introduction to Zeta-Jones, watching her slither under a laser beam in Entrapment. Yowsers! But, with the exception of Chicago and Traffic, all she's ever been is a pretty face who delivers lines and remains in the spotlight because she's married to Michael Douglas. That said, I'm all for giving the gal a big starring role to see if she has it in her to own a movie. Her latest, No Reservations, now has a trailer online -- and, fingers crossed, hopefully folks will gobble it up without sending it back to the kitchen.

Capitalizing on the recent wave of food-related shows (the only reason I'm slightly overweight is because I'm addicted to every single show the Food Network airs -- damn you Iron Chef!), No Reservations revolves around a hard-edged chef (Zeta-Jones) whose life is turned upside down when she decides to take in her young niece (Abigail Breslin) following a tragic accident. Throw in a competitor-turned-romantic interest in Aaron Eckhart, add a pinch of funny and a dash of heart -- and this could turn out to be a winning recipe. Scott Hicks directs, while Patricia Clarkson and Bob Balaban (the scene in which he's eating a meal prepared for him by Zeta-Jones immediately conjured up images of that Seinfeld episode -- you know the one) also star in the pic. No Reservations will be served in theaters on July 27.