I'm not sure if this is a actual leak, or if Ghost House Pictures is trying to finally drum up some buzz for Rise. In the summer of 2005, Lucy Liu filmed the vamp flick, intended to be the actress' step into the horror genre. With names like Michael Chiklis and sexy Sin City alum Carla Gugino co-starring, and Marilyn Manson popping up as a bartender, you'd think it would have sped its way to horror fans' eager eyes. It didn't, but now Arrow in the Head has gotten a tip to a clip that has found its way to YouTube. It's all sexy, lesbian, sweaty and blood-lickingly NSFW.

According to IMDB, the movie will finally be released on June 1st. What's it about? Well, Lucy plays a reporter who wakes up, undead, in the morgue. More than a little ticked about her predicament, she vows revenge against the vamps who put her there, mainly, I would assume, the other lady (who appears to be Gugino) in the clip. One by one, she hunts them down. Does it sound familiar? At least Liu didn't suffer the same fate. However, this was the last live-action film on Mako's long resume -- the man who did guest spots in just tons of shows over the years, and who was also the voice of Master Splinter in the upcoming TMNT before he died last July. The movie could be cool, but the delays don't give me much hope.
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