Now we know how long Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is -- 784 pages. It's not a surprise. Being the final book, there's a lot to wrap up. There are questions to be answered, sexy adolescent experimentation to be tried and epic battles to describe. Hell, it isn't even the longest of the series, since The Order of the Phoenix weighed in at 870 pages. So, this is a big bunch of greatness for Potter fans. There's lots of pages and lots to read. While that's all well and good, what will happen when it comes time to make the movie?

A lot will probably depend on how fans take to the upcoming Phoenix movie, which will be released on July 13. There's a lot of big events and huge changes for the boy wizard in the novel. If it translates well to the screen, without fans being disappointed in the pieces that will inevitably be cut, then there shouldn't be any problem with the final book. That being said, the Hallows is an ending to a long series, so it's a little harder to chop up, not to mention the fact that it's the last, so you should end with a solid finish since this has been years in the making.

Shooting two films also gets into messy contract issues. There are already rumors that Emma Watson doesn't want to continue the series. Would any of them want to prolong it? I say screw fears of length! People are dying to see this, and you can always put in an intermission. Make it long, make it good, and make it worth the wait. Although, how good it is will depend on how well J.K. Rowling wraps everything up. In my fantasy world, Harry Potter does die in the end, like Daniel Radcliffe hopes, and a certain sexy co-star * (who has a birthday today) reappears and saves the day in nothing but a loincloth. Sure, it sounds more adult, but if Radcliffe can perform horse love in the buff, I can have my partial nudity!

*Figure out who that is at your own risk!
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