While the news isn't all too surprising, apparently Disney is fast-tracking a sequel to their spring hit Wild Hogs. Not only that, but they're also prepping a whole lot more including a mysterious Alice in Wonderland project that may or may not be live action. The Disney Enquirer has unveiled their Spring edition of Disney Domains, showing us all the various domain names Disney has registered as of late. And yes, among them are WildHogs2-Movie.com, WildHogs2DVD.com and WildHogsMovie2.com.

Along with Wild Hogs 2, there's this Alice: Through the Looking Glass flick. A number of different domains were registered, all of them either including the name 'Alice' or the words 'through the looking glass.' Is Disney simply planning a direct-to-DVD sequel for Alice, or could this be something bigger (ie: Pixar bigger)? Some other films registered are: 9 Lives of John, Aftermath, I Hate Valentine's Day (a new Nina Vardalos flick), Link, Manhunt,Mercenary, Pool Rats and a bunch more. Aside from straight movie domains, Disney also registered a ton of Buy N Large Ultra Store domains. No, the Mouse House is not looking to open up their own super mega store. Apparently, this one has to do with Pixar's Wall-E -- Buy N Large is a company (headed up by one Fred Willard) hired to clean up Earth 700 years into the future. I imagine Disney will have some fun with this one once it becomes time to start promoting Wall-E, due out in 2008. Feel free to scope out the list, and let us know if you find anything else worth mentioning.

[via filmick]

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