Kevin PappasThank God for Hollywood -- if it wasn't for them, then how else would a drug kingpin-turned-convicted felon sell his life rights for, I imagine, a nice chunk of change? Mandalay Integrated Media Entertainment (or MIME) has picked up the rights to the life story of Kevin Pappas, a "reformed underworld crime figure' who, at one point, was nabbed by law enforcement for his role in one of the world's biggest drug seizures. I guess everyone deserves a second chance; the guy did spend more than a decade in prison in which he was offered a chance at freedom in exchange for his participation in a sting operation out to nab his own biological father. That right there is enough to build a fascinating screenplay around.

Variety tells us Passion for Power (working title) will follow Pappas' love affair with the world of drug trafficking, racketeering and money laundering. At some point he actually weds a former Miss Hawaii and winds up "participating as a covert operative while using the government's own rules against itself to negotiate his ultimate freedom." I'm not exactly sure what that means, but it sounds pretty cool. Apparently, Pappas has been approached on multiple occasions from people looking to snatch up his life rights. However, he was holding out because he wanted a project that focused more on the redemptive aspects of his life. Essentially, he wanted to be portrayed as a good drug kingpin, instead of the wicked drug kingpin of the west. We assume former Miss Hawaii will play Dorothy, and the government will act as The Wizard. And all of it coming soon to a theater new you.

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