Hollywood "Brit Girl" Emily Blunt has just signed on to play Queen Victoria in The Young Victoria. The movie is reported to chronicle the turbulent early years of Queen Victoria's rule, as well as her romance with Prince Albert, which yielded nine children. Martin Scorsese is producing the film with Graham King. (King accepted the last Oscar of the night this year, as producer on Scorsese's The Departed). Julian Fellowes wrote the screenplay, he's no stranger to Oscar himself, having won for his script for 2001's Gosford Park. Blunt was nominated for a Academy Award Golden Globe for her cute turn in The Devil Wears Prada -- perhaps seeing Helen Mirren clutching that trophy for The Queen drove her into the regal role?

I'll be Blunt with you -- Emily Blunt's in a lot of damn movies. Next month you can see her in the horror flick Wind Chill. This Christmas she'll be in Mike Nichols' Charlie Wilson's War, with indie darlings Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks. She's also in The Jane Austen Book Club, (Zzzzzzz!), cool-sounding magician pic The Great Buck Howard with Hanks again and John Malkovich, Dan in Real Life with friend of comedy Steve Carell and foe of comedy Dane Cook, and the independent Sunshine Cleaning with Alan Arkin and the adorable Amy Adams. Whew! In conclusion, if you go to see a movie in the next couple years, there's a 50% chance Emily Blunt will be in it. No studio is attached just yet to The Young Victoria, but it sounds like a very classy affair. King, Scorsese, Fellowes, there's a lotta Oscar folks working on this thing! Might we have a contender?

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