Oh, lucky you, if you live in Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles or San Francisco (where it will play one time only during the San Francisco Film Festival). Guy Maddin's Brand Upon the Brain!, which all of Cinematical's Toronto International Film Festival team caught en masse, is coming to those cities. The film will be presented as a live theatrical event with a live 11-piece orchestra, a five-person live foley team creating special sound effects on stage, a live celebrity narrator, and a castrato performing along with the film.

Guy has returned to his parent's home -- an orphanage and lighthouse on a remote island -- at his mother's behest. Mother wants the lighthouse painted, and Guy, like any nice young man raised by an overbearing mother, naturally complies. As Guy paints, he relives his past adventures with Sis when teen detectives Wendy and Chance arrived on the island to spy on Mom and Dad.

Following the special theatrical presentation of Brand Upon the Brain! in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles, the film will continue its theatrical run with a recorded soundtrack narrated by Isabella Rosellini, and is slated to play in other cities in that format as well beginning in May. While the film won't have exactly the same feel with a recorded soundtrack, as a cinematic experience on its own, it's still worth catching.

If you have a chance to catch the live theatrical event, though, don't miss it -- it is truly an unforgettable experience. Months after seeing it at Toronto, I'm still haunted by it. Trust me on this one. Miss this, and you'll be kicking yourself in the rear for the rest of your natural life. Catch it, and you can smugly mention it to all your cinephile friends who weren't savvy enough to be there. "Ah, yes, the Maddin, I was there for that, it was truly fantastic ... " sounds ever so much better than, "The Maddin? Crap, I missed it, was it good?"