There's a great interview with director John Carpenter over at I'm going to link to it now, but please don't click on the link if you're at work. The site has some erotic content and any site with the words "suicide" and "girls" in the title is going to raise some red flags in HR. You've been warned. Here you go. Now then, Carpenter is something of a legend; he's been making films for over 30 years, he writes, directs, produces, writes scores for his movies, etc. And he made Big Trouble In Little China, which is one of the finest B-movies ever made. The interview is excellent, Carpenter is just as frank and funny as he is on his hilarious commentary tracks.

He talks about modern horror, saying he loves the Saw series and the "show everything" style of horror so popular these days. He discusses the new Escape From New York we told you about last week, and while he doesn't seem to know a whole lot about it, he does say he doesn't think it will quite be a remake, saying it's more about the character of Snake Plissken (Kurt Russell) before he gets to New York. So it sounds more like a prequel, though he doesn't use that word. Carpenter has a line in the interview about what his role is in the new Escape that made me laugh right out loud: "My main involvement is I read the scripts and make sure the character is the same character that we wrote originally. I think that would be cool. My other main involvement in this project is to extend my hand and have a check placed in it." You gotta love that honesty! He adds: "After 30 odd years of being in the f*cking business, it's nice to not have to do anything and get paid. That's what I've been trying to do all my life." Isn't that what we all want?
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