Though he's knee-deep in filming Iron Man, director Jon Favreau is saving a little bit of time to update fans on his progress. In a recent message on his MySpace page, Favreau tells us the first week of photography was "extremely challenging," but went off "without a hitch." He goes on to praise the efforts put forth by his cast and crew, saying "Downey was definitely the right choice." (For those not aware, Robert Downey Jr. is playing the role of Tony Stark, aka Iron Man.)

Apparently, these first few weeks of shooting revolve around Stark's origin story -- how he was captured while on a trip to Afghanistan (originally Vietnam), where he was kept hostage and forced to build weapons. It's during this time when he builds the Iron Man suit and uses it to escape. Says Favreau: "I'm looking forward to getting out of the "cave." The first few weeks of shooting are spent, somewhat in sequence, establishing Stark's captivity. It sets the table tonally for the rest of the film. The close quarters and tight schedule make it the toughest part of the shoot on the cast and crew." Am I the only one who cannot wait to see how Downey Jr. pulls off this character?

In related news, Iron Man scribe Mark Fergus is currently making the rounds promoting his directorial debut First Snow. In a recent interview over at the Movie Blog, the unavoidable "sequel question" was raised. On whether or not there will be an Iron Man 2, Fergus says that "absolutely, the seeds have been planted for a lot of stuff to come, for sure." As far as his involvement goes, Fergus admitted that he hopes to be "invited back for that party." Of course, it all depends on how well the first one does first. So, Iron Man fans, if you want more, then get ready to break out that wallet.

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