There's arguably no better city for a movie lover in America than Manhattan. On a rainy Sunday you can head out to the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens, which always has incredible screenings going on in addition to their amazing exhibits. You can go to the Ziegfeld, a huge, old fashioned, one-screen jewel that is probably the most beautiful movie theater I've been in. And then there's Film Forum, which shows a mixture of new independents, "lost" treasures, foreign films, and the classics. And all you Bond fanatics who reside outside of the Big Apple might want to sell your home (the money should get you a studio apartment for about three months in New York, if memory serves) and move to NYC because Film Forum is hosting a James Bond Marathon, starting next month.

The film fest runs from April 27 to May 17, and will be showing all of the pre-Dalton Bond flicks (except one, they took the liberty of removing Moonraker). Film Forum is also showing a bunch of non-Bond 60's spy films, such as Our Man Flint and The Ipcess File, and there's some great extras in the mix too: Five vintage Bond trailers will be shown before Live and Let Die and there will be a sing-along (presumably of the Bond themes) following From Russia With Love. Oh, and there's double features and a movie called Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine! With Vincent Price and Frankie Avalon! What are you waiting for? For a lot of younger fans who grew up watching these films on video and DVD, this is one hell of an opportunity, and you've got to support these events when they come to your town. Too many of these great theaters are disappearing.

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