Humpdayilicious bites for you:
  • The Venice International Film Festival will be giving Tim Burton a career achievement awardand will give the director his own "Tim Burton Day." Now there's an excuse I would've loved to give a teacher. "I didn't do my homework because it was my day yesterday. Venice made it so." Why are they giving him such honors? Apparently because he "is a genius; the most imaginative director spawned by the new age of cinematic art." Not only that, but he has "more insolent pop sensitivity than most new directors today" and is "less needy of approval than most of the older masters." I wonder if all of this praise will prod the director to shower the festival in Sweeney goodness, assuming production hits no more snags.
  • Growing up, I saw myself a lot of Disney. That didn't include, however, the Oscar-winning Donald Duck short, Der Fuehrer's Face -- an anti-Nazi propaganda piece mocking Hitler. At Toons at War, there's a whole bunch of interesting news bits about the short, including some old comics and background about Oliver Wallace, who wrote a song for the film. What would people say these days if someone took a beloved cartoon character and made political shorts with it? While some things never change, other things change a lot! I don't think we'll see the Power Puff Girls as suicide bombers or anything similar any time soon. [via Cartoon Brew]
  • Finally, I think it might be time to start counting the days until there's a huge romantic triangle blow-up between Woody Allen, Soon Yi and Scarlett Johansson. While it hasn't been a secret that the two movie peeps admire each other, they've really resorted to all sorts of word-play ego-stroking. In the April issue of Vogue, he reportedly describes the actress as "criminally sexy," and "While she is a much stronger actress in every way, there is a tiny bit of Marilyn Monroe in her zaftig humidity." Yeah, Woody. I'm sure your pants are getting quite, erm, "humid." What does the actress say of the director? "I'd sew the hems of his pants if he asked me to." Lovely. I'd say the chances of a fourth collaboration are pretty high, or at least a torrid affair.