The dreamy story-turned-film has a new dreamy website. Our wait for Stardust is steadily approaching and its publicity is beginning to kick in. The website is modest, not too many frills, but is just enough to satisfy those anticipating the film's arrival.

Stardust, directed by Matthew Vaughn, is based on the best selling book penned by novelist Neil Gaiman. The story is about a love-struck boy named Tristran (Michael Cox) who promises his beloved (Sienna Miller) he will capture a fallen star and bring it back to her. In order for him to retrieve said star, he must go beyond the wall of the village into the much-warned-about magical land. The website has an incredible collection of photos from the film. The sets are beautiful and the landscape is divine. The film has been entirely shot throughout England, go figure. The costumes are sweet and whimsical, and with Vaughn's track record (Snatch) we're in for a remarkably stunning film.

The site is by far not as elaborate as Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events -- probably the best film website I've seen -- but for now, it satisfies the senses.
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