Looks like the blissful juggernaut that is Lord of the Rings has opened the New Zealand floodgates, not only as a location that Hollywood covets, but also as a launching pad for a whole bunch of hard-working (yet entirely insane) kiwi filmmakers. In just the last month I've been treated to three great indies from New Zealand: the romantic comedy Eagle vs. Shark, the dizzyingly entertaining horror farce Black Sheep, and now this: a completely scrappy, wonderfully twisted, and adorably scruffy little import called The Devil Dared Me To.

The flick's got the same basic set-up as your average Will Ferrell or Adam Sandler sports comedy: Randy Cambell comes from a long line of (now-dead) New Zealand stuntmen, and he'll stop at nothing to follow in those freaky footsteps, regardless of how much suffering he must withstand at the hands of current stunt-king Dick Johansonson. With the help from a few loyal lunatics (and his one-legged girlfriend Tracy "Tragedy" Jones), can Randy rise from porta-potty duty to become New Zealand's premiere stunt-maniac? Doesn't really matter, because there's lots of crazy fun along the way.