Movie folk usually don't put enough effort into naming their flicks. While there are a lot of great movies out there, many of them have the blandest and simple names you can get. The Spider-Man series is a group of blockbusters, yet they don't even get a secondary title. It's just "2" or "3" tacked onto the name. No one seems to be happy with the name "Live Free or Die Hard," but that won't stop anyone from going to see Bruce Willis kick some arse. So, when a title comes out that seems particularly witty, different, innovative or fun, there's a good chance I'll shell out cash to see what it's all about. If it has a good cast, that's all the better, and the upcoming Multiple Sarcasms seems to have both.

Variety has released the cast list for the cheap, $2.5 million upcoming film -- Timothy Hutton, Mira Sorvino, Dana Delany, Stockard Channing and Mario Van Peebles. You can also add Tom Skerritt to that list, as Hutton listed him among the cast in a recent interview. The film is about an architect in 1979, played by Hutton, who decides to completely give up his career as an architect and become a playwright. He risks everything to write his play, and finds his life falling apart when he does so. His only support lies with his best friend, played by Sorvino. He finishes the play while damaging his other personal relationships and then gets it on-stage. Hutton describes it as "an interesting story of the choices you make and what you sacrifice along the way." I can dig it. I know someone who did something very similar, so it's definitely a believable story. Sarcasms will be the debut for Paramount alum-turned-writer/director Brooks Branch, and is filming in New York.

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