Holy moley. I've no idea why it took this long for this piece of video to hit los intranettos, but now that it has, I can think of one Hollywood honcho who's probably feeling a little bit embarrassed about his behavior right now. Picture this: Lily Tomlin is reciting some lines on the set of David O. Russell'sI Heart Huckabees, and she's having some problems with the directions she's being given. She states her problem to the director and then tries to get back to work. Seems like a perfectly normal, if perhaps a bit icy piece of on-set collaboration. A few minutes later, all holy hell breaks loose.

The director just flips the **** out on the respected actress/comedienne, behaving like an infantile bully in front of dozens of crew members. You really have to see this behavior to believe it. (I guess this partially explains why George Clooney is not a big fan of Mr. Russell's. Their battles are well-documented.) Obviously I don't want to vilify Davey too much. This is, after all, the guy who gave us the hilarious Flirting with Disaster and the really brilliant Three Kings. And I'm sure we all have our little "flipouts" every once in a while, emotional snaps that we'd hate to see broadcast on a global arena, but ... yowch. This clip's just too juicy to dismiss. It also looks like Ms. Tomlin can dish it out just as much as she can take it. Here's another clip, in which she sits alongside Dustin Hoffman and Isabelle Huppert, and pretty much loses her you-know-what with her Huckabees director. I know I probably shouldn't enjoy this stuff so much ... but I do.

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