I always get a little antsy around magicians who use dangerous props. While I don't doubt their abilities and talents, something can always go wrong. I have the same paranoia about using real guns full of blanks in film, which stems from a combination of Murder Most Foul and Brandon Lee's unfortunate death. (But even after the Roy Horn tiger incident, the same fear doesn't apply to huge, big-toothed animals. Go figure.) Having said all of this, I'm curious about the upcoming Magicians film coming from Peep Show scribes Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain, and starring the same British comedic duo David Mitchell and Robert Webb.

The comedy plays into my worry-wart fears -- magician partners have a falling out after a guillotine trick isn't so tricky and accidentally decapitates their participant, who is the one magician's wife. That's a pretty decent start, if you ask me. A few years after going their separate ways, they go head-to-head at a magic contest. The trailer is now up on YouTube, and it looks quirky and amusing. However, there are mixed reviews coming by way of AICN spies. One liked it, while the other thought all the jokes fell flat. Now, it was an unfinished screener, so maybe they can tighten it up. But the realist in me is more likely to believe that the decapitation bits are funny, and what lies beyond the trailer is flat. I want to give it a chance, but it's sounding like a crap-shoot.