All hell broke loose earlier this week when it was reported that Warner Bros. was considering shoving that Superman Returns sequel into turnaround in order to use the character (and Brandon Routh) in a Justice League movie instead. While the studio has not officially denied those rumors, chances are pretty good we'll still get our (much-anticipated?) Supes sequel as planned. However, the same rumor also noted that, if a Justice League flick were to seriously take shape, Batman would not be included because the character is "too big to waste" on a film like JLA. Naturally, JLA fans from across the globe cried out, "But you have to use Batman! And Superman! Without both, you might as well scrap the whole thing!"

Well, IESB is now reporting that, according to their super secret inside studio source, Batman will definitely be in the JLA movie ... if it happens. In fact, Christian Bale even has a clause in his three-picture contract that allows him to star in one "ensemble" film as Batman. Regardless, I think the real question here should be: Will the JLA movie ever make it past development stages? I imagine the budget for this puppy would easily clear the $200 million mark; is it worth it for Warner Bros. to jeopardize two successful existing franchises (Batman and Superman) in order to hopefully help launch future franchises like Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern and Aquaman? I'll tell you this much: Seeing Christan Bale show up as Batman in another movie, without Christopher Nolan helming, could seriously damage the look and feel of everything Nolan has worked so hard at to create. Not only that, but if Nolan did originally plan for a Bale-based trilogy, the studio would immediately have to re-negotiate the star's contract ... if (and that's a big if) he's even willing to talk about more.

So what do you do? Is a JLA movie worth all the trouble? And, if Warners does decide to go ahead with it, who directs? I know Nolan would never touch the thing, though Singer might. If it were up to IESB, Zack Snyder would helm. Great, so that means Superman and Batman would have to walk around half-naked, slicing off the heads of villains in exotic slo-mo. Sorry, I'll pass.

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