Since the only other faith-based production company I'm familiar with is the one that makes those Kirk Cameron movies, it's no surprise that I didn't really know all that much about the new Fox's new "faith-based" company Fox Faith. Variety recently reported that the corporate stepchild, which recently released The Last Sin Eater, has slated an adaptation of the gospel stage play A Good Man Is Hard To Find for the big screen. Leslie Small will be adapting the Rev. David Payton play about three women in the midst of a "spiritual and romantic crisis."

So far, cast announcements have included Golden Brooks from Girlfriends, Darrin Dewitt Henson from Stomp the Yard, and singer Deborah Cox -- at least we are guaranteed one cast member who can sing! The film is just the first of many "faith-based" productions for the company, and the studio seems to think the film's success is a lock, given the market for this kind of fare. Producer Jeff Clanagan was quoted as saying the film is "a bulls-eye for the faith-based African-American market, and it comes with the bonus of having a built-in audience after its tremendous success as a stage play." Shooting has already begun, and the film is set for release this January. Even if a Gospel romcom isn't my idea of a great night at the movies, it can't be any worse than Left Behind.

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