If you search "Swordfish Halle Berry" on Google, a number of the front-page hits are about her nudity in the film. Does anyone really remember the movie, or do they just remember that it's the first film that Ms. Berry disrobed for? It was quite the shock when she decided to go sans-clothes, and it was the best thing she could do for her work. No, this isn't fanboy/fangirl talk, but rather something that the actress thinks herself. That's right, she's told Sun Media that the nudity in Swordfish was "absolutely" the best thing she's done in her career.

According to her, she knew the nudity was gratuitous, but did it because she needed to face her fear: "That was one of the things that drew me toward it. It gave me a chance to face this thing called nudity that I was afraid of." Sure, Halle, you've got a point. It's a shame how much we fear and run from our bodies. However, isn't it a big jump to say it is the best thing you've done? It's one thing to say that you're glad you faced a fear because it lead you to something greater, but it just seems silly to me to put it above an Oscar-winning performance. Not that she seems to put much stock in Oscar -- she talks (without irony) about proudly accepting her Razzie for Catwoman, which she says she loves.

Now, she's got another sexy flick ready for release next month -- Perfect Stranger. In it, she plays a woman who "tries to disgrace rich, powerful men who stray." Yawn. The film is apparently a tease, because it's an erotic thriller without sex, according to the article: "To have sex would have been attacking the intelligence of audiences today," Berry says. Is it attacking the intelligence, or just feeding into those hungry to see the skin of high-profile actresses, without actually delivering? It looks like Berry may be falling into the typical Femme Fatale roundabout, where all the focus and importance is put on the skin, and not the work.
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