If you haven't heard of Ian Paisley, I suggest that you travel over to Wikipedia and check him out. He's the leader of Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party and a founding member of the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster. But it's not so much his job as his mouth that makes him notable. He's so anti-Catholic that once told Pope John Paul II: "I renounce you as the Antichrist!" He has called Queen Elizabeth Tony Blair's parrot. He's said: "Line dancing is as sinful as any other type of sexual gestures and touchings." And, to top it off, he also campaigned with a super-catchy "Save Ulster from Sodomy" anti-homosexuality movement in the 70's.

Now The Guardian is reporting that 80-year-old politician will be getting a movie bio-pic. The catch -- it's being commissioned by the Paisley family themselves. Belfast playwright Gary Mitchell has been tapped to write the screenplay and says: "I think it is a tremendous opportunity to explore and expose the great man and all his vices and all his virtues." On the bright side, being outspoken will make it easy to show the man's failings, but it really stops the ability to look at the man critically -- no matter what they claim. Paisley's son acting as executive producer, so I'm sure that it will be hard to make the biopic a fair look at the man, and not a long political commercial. Funny enough, one of the men discussed for the lead is Catholic-born Liam Neeson, who hails from the same town, Ballymena.
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