Little bits of indie for you:
  • Movies and books usually have a love/hate relationship, but the new and used book powerhouse, Powell's Books is trying something new. According to the New York Times, the independent bookstore has a series of short films called "Out of the Book" in the works that will be shown at bookstores across the country. It seems that interest in readings are waning, so they're replacing them with these mini-movies, which are sort of like DVD special features/documentaries. The first, based on Ian McEwan, features parts of an on-camera interview as well as discussion from critics, fans and peers. The plan is to make these more interesting and exciting and release them on both their website and YouTube as well. You can't get much better than free doc shorts!
  • One of the Independent Spirit nominees, You're Gonna Miss Me, has been picked up by Palm Pictures. The film is a rockumentary based on the life of Roky Erickson, a 60's schizophrenic, drug addict from the band The 13th Floor Elevators. I know, a musician struggling with drugs. In the 60's. It's crazy! The flick will be released this summer and then get a DVD release soon after, but there's a catch. It's not a clear-cut case of ownership. It seems that Netflix had the DVD rights, then sold retail rights to Palm while keeping their own DVD rights. To top that off, the two companies will collaborate on the making of the DVD. It's quite the production they've got set up, so I hope it works.
  • As much as I love arty films, I'm also a sucker for a strange, goofy premise, or even a great name like: Max Neptune and the Menacing Squid. Thanks to the folks at Twitch, I found my way to the movie's MySpace page, which has a goofy theme song and a cheap, yet enjoyable trailer for the very low budget film based on old sci-fi classics. The premise: the evil Dr. Agotch wants to destroy the Atomic Space Patrol which keeps the world safe, and Max Neptune has to stop him. It's no Spider-Man, but it's goofy enough for a few giggles.
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