You'd think that a rumor about Jet Li co-starring in The Mummy 3 would be the sort of buzz that you'd want to have confirmed. The Chinese martial artist has been in some great movies over the years, and his casting adds a whole new action style to the franchise, getting it out of Egyptian repetition and into a new mummy menace. However, seeing The Hollywood Reporter confirm the rumor that Jet Li is in talks to play the mummy has left me quite apprehensive. Is this the only bit that will come true, or are we headed for the rumored Indiana Jones rip-off?

While I don't mind the thought of Alex O'Connell, or a new battle ground for fighting the undead, I'm not so sure I want what can come with it. That probably means that Oded Fehr is definitely out, which will tick off all of his fans and let the film be down one incredibly popular character. Next, it looks like the plot from the IESB script review and Rob Cohen rumors are spot-on. HR describes the plot as a movie "set in China, with Li's story beginning in ancient times before moving to a post-World War II setting. It is also known that one sequence involves the famous terracotta warriors." That sounds interesting and all, but that's just like the review, and well, that review wasn't very kind. It described the sequel as a blatant rip-off of Indiana Jones (much more than any of the previous films), and said it has "some of the worst 'on the nose' dialogue" the writer had ever seen -- a writer who is a Mummy fan. Can Li and the characters that remain act their butts off enough to make this worth the time, money and effort?
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