This upcoming Nancy Drew movie must be off the chain, y'all! Generally, you don't hear about a sequel until ... the first movie has come out. And even then, it helps that the movie is a success. Well, Warner Brothers must have complete and total faith in this project, because they've announced Part 2 before Part 1 has even hit theaters. Emma Roberts (niece of Julia, daughter of direct-to-video staple Eric) is playing Nancy Drew, and it looks like she's got a franchise on her hands. Producer Jerry Weintraub and director Andrew Fleming are doing both Drew films with Roberts, as well as something called Rodeo Girl, another family film, with Roberts portraying a "debutante equestrian" (can you put that on a resume?) who tries to win over a cowboy by entering a rodeo competition. Fleming did the excellent political comedy Dick and the not-so-excellent remake of The In-Laws.

The character of Nancy Drew has been around in book form since the 30s, and she has made it to the big and small screen many times before. For those of you concerned that Nancy '07 will be modernized into a Paris Hilton clone, Weintraub offers this reassurance: "She's not a hip kid. She's right out of a Norman Rockwell painting." The plot of the new Drew has Nancy joining her father (played by Tate Donovan) on a business trip to Los Angeles, "where she happens upon clues to a murder mystery involving a movie star." Rachael Leigh Cook (of the criminally underrated -- seriously -- Josie and the Pussycats) will also appear. Nancy Drew wasn't really on my radar when I was a kid, but I know there's enough material to keep this series going for a long, long time. My question is, when are we going to see The Boxcar Children up on the big screen! I used to love those wacky orphans!

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