Over at MTV.com, there is a new interview with Robert Englund, better known as Freddy Krueger. The beloved boogeyman talks about his current film (Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon, you can read Scott's review here), his taste in music (Arcade Fire -- nice), his thoughts on recent horror remakes (liked the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Hills Have Eyes), and the future of Krueger. If you'll recall, Freddy Vs. Jason ended with Jason carrying Freddy's severed (but winking) head under his arm. So should Freddy take on another horror legend? Englund says the plan was to do a movie with Ash from the Evil Dead movies, but he now suspects Raimi and Campbell will want to do a remake of The Evil Dead instead. (Didn't they kind of do that already?) He hears the studio has been talking to John Carpenter, so Freddy and Jason meeting Michael Myers could also be a possibility.

According to Englund, "I also hear they have a really good prequel script to A Nightmare on Elm Street being passed around. And there was talk that John McNaughton, director of Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer was attached. Which means that maybe they would be making a prequel to A Nightmare on Elm Street with me out of the makeup for a while. You get to see Freddy Krueger, the early crimes. Freddy Krueger, the early years." (You know, like Muppet Babies, but with horrible murders.) Englund wants to see Freddy on trial, complete with sleazy lawyers, "Like a Law and Order episode." Freddy's back story would fit right in on SVU, or as I call it, Sex Crimes and the City. As for any remakes, Englund knows he can't do this forever, and that someday he may have to pass the baton. "Sooner or later, somebody else is going to have to play the part. But I can still do Freddy in the makeup. All I gotta do is lose five pounds." Sheesh, even Freddy is concerned about his weight these days!
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