I'm a big fan of somewhat obscure horror films -- especially ones as interesting and well done as Timur Bekmambetov's supernatural vampire thriller Night Watch. The film, produced in the former Soviet Union and scripted by Laeta Kalogridis and the director, was the first part of a planned trilogy. When it was initially released in its own country, it became one of the highest grossing films in history there. Then, when it came to our shores in 2006, it wasn't as successful as it had been at home but still managed to generate enough interest that Fox Searchlight picked up the rights to the film and its eventual sequels.

The second part of the trilogy, Day Watch, is now scheduled to be released by Fox Searchlight on June 1st. Even though that's almost three months away, we don't have to wait that long to get a glimpse of Day Watch -- thanks to the folks over at Fox Searchlight who recently posted the newly-released trailer for the film. Even if I can't quite figure out exactly what's going on in some parts of the trailer -- apparently chalk is really important -- I have to say it still looks pretty cool to me.

Granted, the first film wasn't without its share of issues and this new one probably won't be either. That said, Night Watch did have a certain style and quality to it that made it worth seeing. Judging by the trailer, Day Watch looks to carry on with the elements established in the first film and also manages to kick things up a notch or two in the spectacle and action departments. I especially like the bit where the car drives along the side of a building and then crashes inside the building through a window. It looks really cool. But kids, please don't try that at home.