Remember back in September we told you the MPAA was introducing disc-sniffing dogs to its anti-piracy campaign? Apparently they are working well. Earlier this week the two Labrador retrievers, named Lucky and Flo, helped to locate about 1 million pirated movies and video games in warehouses in Malaysia. The discs were worth a street value of nearly $3 million and the raid also resulted in the arrest of six people and the seizure of a lot of burners and other manufacturing equipment. Lucky and Flo proved to be vital to the operation, sniffing out discs in hidden rooms and delivery vehicles that would not have been found without their helpful snouts.

Unfortunately the pooches did such a great job with their first mission that they are now in great danger. Lucky and Flo are now a genuine threat to the Malaysian piracy trade, and so somebody involved in the trade has put up a bounty for the killing of the dogs. The amount of the offer isn't being reported, but officials were tipped off about it and have since put the dogs in a safe house. You'd think the pirates would know better considering they deal with movies on a daily basis. Seriously, haven't they ever seen any comedy with guard dogs or drug-sniffing dogs? They could save the money and the guilty conscience by simply placing steaks in other rooms to throw the dogs off.
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