Robert Patrick is one of those actors who, for better or worse, I always associate with one role. Maybe it's due to the impressionable age at which I saw Terminator 2, but every time I see Patrick onscreen I react the same way. When I saw Walk the Line, I thought "Why is T-1000 being so mean to Johnny Cash?" When I saw him on greatest-TV-show-ever The Sopranos, I thought "Man, T-1000 needs to stop gambling so much!" And if I see him in the upcoming horror filmAutopsy, I'm sure I will say "Why is T-1000 hanging out in that spooky hospital?"

Autopsy, in pre-production now for a scheduled 2008 release, is said to be about "a young woman who tries to find her injured boyfriend in a bizarre and dangerous hospital." It will be directed by first-timer Adam Gierasch, who co-wrote the screenplays for Tobe Hooper's Toolbox Murders, Dario Argento's upcoming The Third Mother, and something called Crocodile 2: DeathSwamp! Gierasch is scripting with Jace Anderson and E.L. Katz, and the cast includes Jessica Lowndes and Tarantino favorite Michael Bowen. Patrick is currently on the big screen in Bridge to Terabithia ("What's T-1000 doing on that bridge?"), which I imagine would not make a good double feature with Autopsy.

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