We've gotten a fewteases, but Sony has pretty much kept footage of Venom under wraps. But today us Spider-Manfans get to finally see the villain in action, as a final trailer for Spider-Man 3has been unveiled courtesy of Comcast. Not only do we get to see shots of Venom, we get a good peek at some scenes, including his origin and a some fight sequences between him and Spidey. I have to honestly admit that it is actually too much footage. I've been dying to see Topher Grace get covered in the gooey black costume for months, but now I feel like I've seen so much that I've lost some of my excitement about seeing the actual movie -- not that the trailer makes the movie look bad; it is just overly satisfying and doesn't leave much in the way of suspense.

The venom footage isn't even half of the excessive spoils of the trailer, either. There are plenty of plot points and visuals that may give too much away with the characters of Mary Jane and Harry/Green Goblin 2. I don't even want to go into these spoilers here, because I'd rather let you decide whether or not to watch the trailer. I'm sure a lot of you can wait two months to see Venom (and the rest.) I sure wish that I had. Right now I feel like I've seen an abridged version of the film from beginning to end. And yet, there is still no clear presentation of Bryce Dallas Howard as Gwen Stacy, which I think is kinda weird. Anyway, you should head over to Comcast's Spidey site regardless of your plans to watch the trailer because there is plenty of other goodies, like videos about the making of the film and about the history of the comic book.

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