Posting on the Internet will bring out just about everyone -- the happy, the smart, the dumb, the dumb people who think they're smart, the delusional, the angry, the gramatically-sensitive, the horny, the fanboy and fangirl, the argument addicts and just about everyone else. Opening a post up for comments -- well, that's where the fun begins.

While last week was highlighted by a few cents from director Mike Binder, this week is all about the strong opinions. We've got the accusations that we buckle under terrorist pressure, someone who thinks it might be a good idea to pull firearms on difficult actors and my personal favorite: Tom Cruise has been likened to Hitler. Now, I tell my share of Cruise jokes, but that's a comparison I never thought of. And, just to add a little brightness to this round of comments, MTV is finally fixing its terrible website!

Tom Cruise Will Star In Bryan Singer's Hitler Assassination Thriller

"As someone who has seriously studied the Holocaust, I feel that Tom Cruise in the part of Hitler would be a perfect match. First, he wouldn't need to act(it has always seemed like he's just an over active, over-hyped stuntman) as he runs not only his extended family compound, but also his romantic life like a dictator( hiring Jessica R. to spy on and then to tattle everything Katie did before she could be fully indoctrinated to Tom's belief system). Also Hitler systematically deprived the Jews of their rights, then livelihoods, next their homes and possessions, as well as identities before finally exterminating their lives. Reading of his recent actions toward his wife and his control issues as well as his actions to extinguish any spirit she has left-reminds me strongly of what Hitler and his inner circle did to the Jewry of Europe. As I stated before, Hitler would be the only appropriate role for the likes of one such as Tom Cruise." --anonymous
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