Writing about these two directors is like grabbing both ends of the spectrum. On one hand, you have Judd Apatow and his upward trajectory. Over the years, he's slowly built critical cred for himself, moving from panned projects like The Naked Truth, to short-lived but high-praised Freaks and Geeks and then into the widely-popular The 40 Year Old Virgin. On the other hand, you have Mel Gibson, whose stock has dipped a bit. Sure, he's still finding success as a director, but he's lost a lot of the fan base from his earlier years. It is, therefore, no surprise that both of these filmmakers hold quite different views about how to deal with response and criticism.

Apatow is currently writing guest columns over at MTV, and he's decided to give his point of view on the whole critic debate. His spin is a good one. As much as he finds negative criticism to be a blow, he realizes that it isn't the end-all of the critics opinion: "One would think that after the beating I have taken on movies like The Cable Guy, I would have decided that critics don't know what they're talking about. But if I did that, then I couldn't enjoy the moments when they are so clearly on the money. So I always think of them as being brilliant." While brilliance can be debated, kudos to Apatow for seeing the other side of the scale.

And then there's Mel. Just when things died down and we thought his drama was over, it has bubbled up again. According to TMZ, Gibson got entirely ticked off during a talk at Cal State. During a Q&A, an assistant professor reportedly asked if he had read up on Mayan culture before making Apocalypto. He said that he had, and she responded that his representations of sacrifice and blood lust were wrong and racist. To that, Mel apparently exploded with anger and said: "Lady, f*ck off." Gibson was then further challenged by people of Mayan ancestry, who were escorted out with Gibson trailing after them, screaming "Make your own movie!" Hecklers can be annoying and I've seen them make Q&A's all sorts of awkward, but the guy has got to get a handle on his anger. Or, maybe he should join up with David O. Russell for a movie! Now that would be something to see. They could even have a behind-the-scenes reality show to really make the most of their shouting!
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