If ARV means anything (besides "Approximate Retail Value"), then last week was our biggest prize offering yet. And since we only had one Eragon snowboard signed by star Ed Speelers to give away, we hoped there'd be a single caption that stood high above the rest. Somehow, there was. Congrats to Todd G., who's been inserting captions his whole life yet has never been honored for it. Todd, your snowboard will be arriving just in time for spring. Sorry bout that. While we don't recommend you try to surf on it, it's about time someone invented a hovercraft. See Todd's winning entry below, plus the runners up who won DVDs.

This week we've got a pic from the upcoming action-comedy Hot Fuzz (pronounced Fuzzzzzz), from the fellas who made Shaun of the Dead, an office favorite here. Simon Pegg is a big-city cop so awesome he's reassigned to the boondocks, a wondrous place where apparently swans run wild. There he re-teams with Shaun co-star Nick Frost, though I'm not sure what kind of cops they think they are without mustaches... Writers of our three favorite captions will win a tee-shirt and poster from the movie. Good luck!

Eragon1. "The shuttle service at Spielberg's house rocks!" -- Todd G.

2. "Ask me to fly you to Mount Doom one more time and I swear to Christ I'll bite you in half." -- Mark M.

3. "My psychic told me one day I'd 'ride the dragon' but this is ridiculous!"
-- Tara R.

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Hot Fuzz


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