That's right! Ten years after Titanic rocked the socks off many a person and in the process set new box office records that may never be broken, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet have signed to co-star in another film. What makes this news most interesting is that while they will once again play lovers, obviously, they will not be in an epic adventure or "chick-flicky" romance. It's almost as if they're going to wipe away their past collaboration and start fresh. The film in question is Revolutionary Road. It's not a 1700's war flick, but rather Sam Mendes' next project.

As you might recall, the American Beauty director is married to Winslet, so for her this film will not only mark a return to working with Leo, it will also be the first time her husband directs her. From a screenplay by Justin Haythe, the film will be based on the 1961 novel by Richard Yates, which is about a suburban couple in the 1950's who seem happy on the outside with their two-child family. The truth is, however, that they're both unhappy with their daily monotony and feel that they are better than those in their suburban wonderland. To fix things, they decide to move to France and be arty, which doesn't help as their relationship crumbles. Not quite the epic romance of Kate and Leo's past, eh? This should be an easy job for Mendes when things gear up this summer, as it basically sounds like a period version of his first film. That being said, I'm still interested.
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