Is there anyone out there who wasn't completely bowled over by the cuteness of Michael Angarano in Almost Famous? Between his desperate wish for adolescent hair to what happens when "feck" takes on a "u," I was hooked. Since then, he's done a variety of films, but ones that seem natural for the actor. He lovingly caressed guns in Dear Wendy, he became a teen superhero in Sky High and then he faced death in One Last Thing. Yet in all of these roles as he moves toward his last days as a teenager, I never would have imagined that he'd take on kung fu.

Last year, Scott Weinberg first posted that Jet Li and Jackie Chan were going to star in a movie that had no writer, producer, director or company. It seemed like a rumor that would never go anywhere. Then, in November, Chris Ullrich started to fill in the blanks, which have really been filled in now. Angarano is in final negotiations to star with Chan and Li in the untitled project that will be headed by Stuart Little director Rob Minkoff. Angarano will play a 17-year-old wanna-be warrior who has some problems. When he loses to a street gang, his humiliation doesn't send him home, crying, but rather back in time. Somehow, he finds himself in ancient China with an impossible mission. He has to set free Li's Monkey King, who is currently imprisoned, and bring him some sort of powerful staff. As previously discussed, Chan will play a monk whose plans clash with the king's.

I can't imagine the wee-warrior getting anywhere without some help, so I wonder if the silent monk that Li will also play is some sort of guide. The script was written by John Fusco, who wrote Hidalgo, but he's also the man responsible for both Young Guns films. I'm hooked, how about you?

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