Strap on your eye patches, dreadlock your hair, and shove a cracker in that parrot's mouth, because from now until May 25th, you're not going to be able to avoid the media blitz for Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. Earlier this week we hooked you up with the trailer (if you missed it, head here), but the action moved so fast, you probably didn't get a good look at all of your favorite characters. Well, we're going to fix that for you today with some more booty from the film. And you don't need a map to find these treasures -- there's a huge batch of new photos right here.

There's a bunch of promotional material, including two versions apiece of some really cool posters, each featuring a different character. There's several shots of Keira Knightley in Asian garb, many more glimpses of Chow Yun-Fat as Chinese pirate Sao Feng, and you get to see Orlando Bloom doing both of his two "I'm acting!" faces. Unfortunately, just like with the trailer, there's no new Keith Richards in these pictures. I get the feeling they're really trying to keep a lid on Mr. Jumping Jack Flash. We're almost exactly two months away, and anticipation seems to be through the roof. I get the feeling if they revealed that At World's End was just going to be Johnny Depp sitting on the beach and eating a ham sandwich for three hours, this thing would still make $200 million.