I really thought that when Rose McGowan decided to jump on the witchy ship named Charmed that her life as a lusty, cult B-movie queen was over. I was quite sad, frankly, because not many women can do the saucy snark like she can. It seemed that the television show was her step into mainstream, and it was all downhill from there. Instead, it seems to have been a family-friendly vacation. After a bit part in The Black Dahlia, and time as a gun-legged tough girl in Grindhouse, the lady Rose is once again diving into B-movie darkness.

However, this time she's going for another Black-named feature based on true events. Variety has reported that she has signed on to star in Black Oasis, a drama about slain B-movie star, Susan Cabot. The film, which is written by Stephan Elliot (the man who penned The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert), is based on a Premiere magazine article by John H. Richardson. It details her success -- rising up through the B-circuit and being a favorite of Roger Corman -- as well as her untimely end. In 1986, at 59, she was horrifically bludgeoned to death with a weightlifting bar by her son, Timothy, who suffered from psychological problems. Not pretty. While all I need to hear is McGowan, B-movie and Elliot, producer Hilary Shor makes it all the sweeter by noting that it was inspired by features like Gods and Monsters. While I doubt the former Halliwell will rise up to Streep caliber, I wonder if this will at least give her more cred.
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