When I reported on Steven Spielberg's re-ignited passion with video games, I had commented on his ability to multitask. But, it looks like writing is not going to be one of those tasks any time soon. Variety has reported that Paramount has hired Jonah Nolan (brother of Christopher) to script Spielberg's upcoming project Interstellar. To be fair, Spielberg is going to be pretty busy with Indiana Jones 4, Tintin, and that Abraham Lincoln project that seems to be forever being pushed back (Liam Neeson recently told us that its still in the earliest stages of development.) So, it's not surprising that Spielberg would look for a little help with Interstellar.

The film was inspired by the worm-hole theories of Caltech physicist Kip S. Thorne, an expert on theories of relativity. The story will follow explorers that travel into other dimensions. The film is still awhile off, since the script has not even been started, and it's not like Spielberg is the only one with prior commitments. Nolan will be working his brother Christopher again on The Dark Knight and he has to finish the script for The Chicago Fire for Warner Bros. before he can start work on Interstellar. Spielberg is going to have his hands full, so I doubt he's going to be in a rush.

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