Environmental concerns are definitely more prevalent in our consciousness these days. Most people recycle to at least some degree, and there's all sorts of recycled goods that you can buy -- even new Harry Potter books on recycled paper! But, in the movies, not so much. Am I the only one who notices when characters on television and in movies don't recycle? Certain things, like separating out glass and plastic has been going on for so long that I find it distracting to see someone on-screen throwing their plastic in their lone trash bin.

After Thank You for Smokingand all the hub-ub about smoking on-film, I wondered when we'd get some environmental pushing in film. It seems that now we've got it, and it's being headed by none other than Dave Stewart, the other part of Annie Lennox's Eurythmics pair. He's collaborating with Greenpeace to come up with ways for Hollywood to go green. As he describes it: "If you can imagine Andy Warhol's Factory with Greenpeace in it and me in it. It is a hot house, a think tank." His company, Weapons of Mass Entertainment, will share some office space with the famous environmental company and try to come up with ways for media to be environmentally conscious. I can think of two right off the bat: get set designers to incorporate a recycling bin or two in the sets they create, and don't show characters writing two words on a piece of paper before crinkling it up and throwing it into an ever-growing pile of wasted, barely-written on paper.
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