For good or ill, people are often identified by the job they hold, and the occupational paths people follow over the course of a lifetime can make for great drama. Let's look at some movie previews that explore those paths. It's Career Day here on Trailer Park.

No Reservations
Catherine Zeta Jones plays a restaurant chef with anger management issues. When her sister is killed in a car accident, Jones's character assumes care for her niece, played by Little Miss Sunshine'sAbigail Breslin. While it's common enough to include a film's best moments in the trailer, No Reservations chooses an odd tactic by including one of the most barf-inducing dialogue exchanges in recent memory. "I wish there was a cookbook for life," says Jones's character. Her shrink responds, "You know better than anyone, it's the recipes you create yourself that are the best." Excuse my while I reach for the Pepto. Jones has great screen presence as always, but I'm not sure I buy her in this role and the script sounds like a rehash of Baby Boom. I'll pass on this one. Erik has higher hopes for the film, and you can read his take on the trailer here.

Day Watch
This is a sequel to the 2004 Russian film Night Watch, and the middle part of a trilogy. The original was about an organization called Night Watch, a group of supernaturally gifted beings whose job was to police the actions of members of their own kind who are allied with the forces of darkness. The war between the forces of good and evil established in the original carries on, and there's a new twist in that they are now saying the original battle was over a piece of chalk of all things. The trailer doesn't give a whole lot of plot details, but there are several metric tons of action scenes and special effects here. It's almost exhausting to watch. Particularly noteworthy is a scene involving a sports car driving along the side of a building. I liked the original and this follow-up looks like fun.