If I were Mark Wahlberg, I would never say anything that could jeopardize my relationship with our greatest living director, the honorable Martin Scorsese. (If I were Mark Wahlberg, I'd also probably be writing this on a laptop made of solid gold while sandwiched between Jessicas Alba and Biel on an enormous pile of money in a mansion made of chocolate. But that's neither here nor there). Wahlberg doesn't seem intimidated by the legend, however. He is telling the press everything wasn't so civil between the two of them on the set of Best Picture winner The Departed. They didn't reach Lily Tomlin/David O. Russell levels, but things did get pretty heated. "Marty and I were constantly in this struggle," says Wahlberg. "I had problems with Marty."

"I was only supposed to do a couple of weeks on The Departed so I was able to grow my hair for Invincible, says Wahlberg. "But then the schedule changed and four months later I'm still working on The Departed, so I wouldn't cut my hair and Marty was pissed off. He was like, 'You've got to cut your f***ing hair,' and I was, 'I don't give a f***.' He was, 'I'm Martin Scorsese... da-dee da.' I said, 'Well, I'm not getting paid for this... da-dee-da. What the f***?' He was pushing me in different ways." Again, if I'm Mark Wahlberg, and Martin Scorsese tells me to jump naked into a room full of razor blades and then roll around in lemon juice, I'm jumping. But as we have already established, I am not Mark Wahlberg.

According to the former President of the Funky Bunch, the dynamic duo has moved on. "We were able to laugh about it afterwards and we have a great relationship now and we're going to do other stuff in the future." Specifically, the pair has been discussing both a prequel and a sequel to The Departed. Says Wahlberg: "I've never made a prequel or sequel to any movie I've done before and they will have to be better than the first one, but obviously, with a guy like Marty it seems like a pretty safe bet." I'll tell you what's a safe bet, Wahlberg -- making a sequel to Rock Star that's better than the first one. It would simply have to be.

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