Few people today remember what Nathan Hale is famous for. Even in my home state of Connecticut, where he's officially recognized as our State Hero, he is probably often thought of as just another one of the many Revolutionary War patriots we learned about in high school. Perhaps you have a good enough memory to link him with his most famous quote, "I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country" (which may have been actually ripped off from a contemporary play)? Well, don't worry if you haven't held on to your history book knowledge; that is what we have Hollywood for. Warner Bros. will be producing a biopic about Hale, based on M. William Phelps' upcoming book "For the Sake of Liberty: America's First Spy."

I'll watch just about any movie set during the American Revolution -- heck, I even enjoy The Patriot -- so I'll be looking forward to this. Even though it's being produced by one of the men responsible for Wild Wild West (Barry Josephson), as long as it features Rebels versus Red Coats, I'm down. I'm actually curious to see how the film depicts Hale's first and only espionage mission, an undercover operation that ended tragically with his hanging. The only versions of the story I've read, which are short, textbook writings, make him seem, in my opinion, to have been an awful spy. After all, his cover was blown and he was found out rather quickly. Phelps' new biography may shed some new light on what actually went down, but regardless, Hale was something of a failure, though a very heroic failure nonetheless. The studio may want to cast an actor who doesn't have a reputation for being a chameleon.
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