Jeanne Tripplehorn (the hottest wife on Big Love? I say yes.) and Embeth Davidtz have joined the extremely talented cast of Winged Creatures, which we brought you a bit of news on last month. Winged Creatures -- is this some sort of badass flying monster fest? Sadly, no. "The story follows the witnesses to a brutal murder suicide in a fast food restaurant as they cope with the aftermath of the incident and how they affect the people who help them along the way." Also in the film: Kate "I'm More Attractive Than You" Beckinsale, Forest "I Have An Oscar Now!" Whitaker, Jackie "Damn you, Whitaker!" Earle Haley,Dakota "Creeps Me Out" Fanning, and Guy "Good Lord, LA Confidential Was Awesome" Pearce. The film will be directed by Rowan Woods.

Not sure what to make of this character description, but Davidtz will play "a wife suffering from migraines who places her husband's needs above hers." Guess that means she doesn't use the old "Not tonight honey, I have a headache" excuse? Tripplehorn is playing Fanning's mother, who tries to help her daughter get over the tragedy. If Dakota Fanning were my daughter, I think I'd be the one asking her for help and advice. She seems a good deal smarter than me. Hopefully we'll get more details on the plot soon, but I will say I'm intrigued as to what could cause a "brutal murder suicide in a fast food restaurant." Must have been that breakfast cutoff time. When you've got Egg McMuffin on the brain, a Big Mac ain't gonna cut it.

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