After spending most of the last few years sailing through the space frontier as Admiral William Adama on Battlestar Galactica, Edward James Olmos is heading back to film for a bilingual adaptation of the The Crystal Frontier, a collection of stories by leading Mexican novelist, Carlos Fuentes. However, this isn't a tale about space ships, sparkling stars and amazing voyages -- it's about U.S./Mexico border issues. That's not too surprising considering the success that other Mexican filmmakers have had recently.

The book centers on a Mexican oligarch named Leonardo Barroso and the people he has affected. However, it's about more than just border skirmishes, and it's bound to make some people's blood boil. According to the Library Journal: "The outrageous racism of Fuentes' Anglo characters, such as Miss Amy Dunbar and border patrol Dan Polonsky, may seem excessive and stereotyped, but it is also hard to deny that such attitudes exist along this troubled border."

Olmos describes it as "a sociological study of humanity in Mexico and the U.S. We probably won't do all nine stories because it would be too complex, but it's a great commentary on what's going on along the border." It will be interesting to see if the actor keeps the stereotypes in his commentary, or if he tries to deal with the subject in a more subtle manner. The actor/director plans to shoot the film this August, obviously along the border, as well as in Mexico City and New York, with hopes to release the project in 2008.
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